Friday, June 16, 2006
A New Play Blog

Okay all you flers who've been visiting here because you missed Gavin Yap, U-en or any of the other members of the dysfunctional family in The Homecoming...salvation is here.

Some of those flers are in a new play which promises to be just as weird and entertaining and fucking scary as the last one.

To start your journey into the weird and adsurd world of Samuel Becket and enter the f**ked up minds of Gavin Yap and U-en go here...

Sunday, April 16, 2006
Cast and Bloggers meet...

The cast and the bloggers finally met this afternoon at 4pm in the midst of a KL storm. A good time was had by all and the bloggers got to see the 'real' sides of the characters they saw on stage. Well, except for Lenny of course. Unfortunately some bloggers didn't show up. Patrick was the first representative to arrive and proceeded to answer some questions apropos The Homecoming...

So that's what you fuckers thought of the play, eh?

Ruth and Joey have finally gone the whole hog...

and upon returning from Brokeback Mountain, Teddy and Ruth have become 'sisters'.

Fireangel finally got her wish but...

unfortunately Gavin is no longer that way inclined.

The family, as themselves, shamelessly posed for a photo.

TV Smith proposed to Suanie with some free chocolates from Bulldog while Paul (Tragic Kingdom) found it all quite tragic.

Su Ann (Pinkpau) was trying very hard to get into the play by arranging for some new biz for Ruth...

as the pimp had gone completely mad.

Ian was showing off his Linda Lovelace impersonation but Ben was thinking 'Been there, done that'.

Zona (Midnite Lily) kept her spirits up...

while Thor tried his best to stay awake by chain-smoking.

Friday, April 14, 2006



Friday, April 07, 2006
Bloggers meet

I see we have generated over 8000 clicks now. What say you we organise a get together with the bloggers? Or am I being presumptous? Let's all meet at Bulldog (Sri Hartamas).


And in addition......

To further add to the 'what might have been' sequel to The Homecoming......upon returning to America (alone I might add), Teddy took the first available bus to Brokeback Mountain.

I'll think of something to say about Joey a little later.


Thursday, April 06, 2006
There are no words......

The above title pretty much says it all......I'm speechless. Speechless at the wonderful response, the way you guys not only supported the production but also remained totally open to it and accepted it without the slightest hint of prejudice. When we first started this blog, you guys didn't know what the play was about, didn't know what kind of issues it raised or what the 'content' would be. I know some of you did know, but a fair amount of people didn't. Yet despite that, you stuck with the blog, showed an interest in what we were trying to do, found out about the play and trusted us not to dissapoint. And based on some of your own reviews, its seems pretty safe to say that everyone went home some way or another.

Honestly, I'm not too sure what's going to happen with the blog from here on. The cast and myself are moving on to other projects so I doubt the blog will get the same kind of attention it used. But I'd check back here every once and a while if I were you, cos you never know.......The Homecoming experience hit all of us pretty hard. And in a strange way, I don't think we really got the chance to let go of it completely......I know its an experience that I will carry with me forever and I think most of the cast and crew, if not all of them, feel the same. So I'm pretty sure there's still a fair bit of Homecoming blogging to do. Maybe one day Lenny will feel a bit itchy to get some stuff of his chest, maybe he'll find himself eager to talk about the last woman he considered killing or how Ruth seems to be costing a lot more than she's bringing in or maybe Max will regale you with tales about the old days when he could still get it up........or maybe Sam will return with stories from the land of the dead.....that is, if he really died in the first place.

Once again, thank you for everything. The show wouldn't have been the same without your support. Take care of yourselves and remember........look in on the blog every now and then. Never know what you might find.......after all, its never too late to come home.

p.s Thanks for all the great reviews. The personal letter was particularly entertaining. Fuck you very much for writing it Fireangel.


Monday, April 03, 2006
Thank you, bloggers

As an appreciation to all those bloggers who've supported this website and came to see The Homecoming, here are links of all those who've reviewed the show. If your link is not here, please leave us a comment with the direct permalink to your entry, not the general website address, please - we will link it here.

Reviews & brickbats

Again, thank you.

Thank you

To all of you who came to see us, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. The show finally closed today but here's our family portrait for you to remember us by. Love, Teddy.

Saturday, April 01, 2006
A letter to Ruth-less.

(Someone wrote in to Kakiseni with some questions for Gavin, but I've responded instead...basket.)

Hi Ruth-less,

Gavin and I have been developing the character of Ruth ever since the very first reading. In fact we didn't really 'settle' on Ruth until the very week we opened. After reading the script and going away with the character development assignments given by Gavin, I came to my conclusion that Ruth's outlook on life is a constantly shifting paradigm. This, in essence, almost makes her childlike, impulsive and impudent - her actions are defined by her stream of consciousness. She is not calculative, but more cunning. I think perhaps her assertion of power is not validated by responses to her provocations, but merely her actions alone – the fact that she is not intimidated by Lenny, her petulant nature with Teddy. None of them respond to her in the stereotypical manner, (i.e. I Roar, You Cower.) Plus, a more logical explanation for Ruth's 'weirdness' is Teddy's line (in response to Max's suggestion of keeping her in Act 2 ) - " I'm afraid not, Dad. She's Not Well, and we've got to get home to the children." We had pretty much avoided this statement since the first reading, but ultimately the character development was such that we had to acknowledge it. Ruth isn't well. In fact, she's a little loopy.

So, in response to your questions - the lying on the floor, the nervousness and the general staring into the space was choreographed to convey the inconsistencies of Ruth. The goal was that Gavin did not want the audience to know what she was thinking, or what she was going to do next. It was important to discern that she was thinking of something, but what exactly it is or what she's going to do with it is meant to keep you guessing.

Teddy and Ruth. Yes, she is always this insufferable to Teddy. Our back story to Teddy and Ruth was that they were once in love, (hence the slightly melancholic goodbye between Ruth and Teddy, Teddy's pain when she dances with Lenny..) but ultimately Ruth's 'weirdness' did not complement the makings of a professor's wife. So, the last few years of their marriage have been rather turbulent, to say the least.

The last scene - Ah, the negligee. I have never worn so little clothing in public, so if it was just a gratuitous 'for-the-lads' moment I would have castrated Gavin with a butter knife. But since I believe it really wasn't, he is still walking upright. This particular 'visual' addresses the portrayal of women in this household and the issue of the 'male-gaze'. Women, in this household represent both the mother and the whore - the extremes of the male gaze. Max, in the same breath admires Jessie has a wonderful mother – "the backbone to this family...what a mind" and derides her as a "slut bitch of a wife" with a "rotten stinking face" . When Ruth comes down in her final incarnation as a possible replacement for Jessie, she represents this paradox. Her image suggests that of a whore - the objectified sex symbol, but yet her actions propel her to the top of the food chain. She demands without compromise, they agree to all her demands instantly. It is also a commentary that she has arrived in this position (no pun intended) through sex. Even though throughout the entire play, she doesn't really sleep with anyone. (With the exception of possible Lenny because of his "professional opinion"…we also explored the possibility that Lenny and Ruth might actually fall in love, because she is the first woman to challenge him, and he likes it! Or, like any other man, he's looking for a mother..)

So, I will tie this up by quoting theatre critic Michael Billington, who interviewed post-and-pre-nobel Pinter, "You can never say with Pinter that one interpretation is wholly right or another wholly wrong. What you can say, with reasonable certainty, is that the play continues to get under our collective skins..."

Anyway, I hope this has helped answer your questions.

p/s The rest of the cast might have something add...


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