Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Family Portraits

Hi, I'm Max/Thor, the patriarch of the dysfunctional family in The Homingcoming. Actually, a more accurate word would be 'dick-functional.' The play is a steamy stew of violent sex and all of us play our part in spicing up the group grope - Teddy-Ben Tan, my eldest son, the father of three sons; Lenny/U-En, the second son, a pimp; Joey/Ian Cheang, the youngest, has had more women than cream-puffs; Ruth Jia-Wei, my daughter-in-law, a quality slut.

The odd one out (there is always one in any family, law of nature) is Sam/Patrick Teoh. He says he is above it all. What he is is a limp dick, a paralysed prick - just a couple of obvious truths I tell him in the play.

Gavin is an astute young man (BLATANT ass-kissing here so that he'll remember me for other roles. On second thoughts, forget the ass-kissing. He gets enough of that from Kakiseni staff.) for finally allowing Patrick to sink to his (Patrick's, not Gavin's) comfort level in a role - duh. Don't know why all these directors keep asking Patrick to play strong personalities when my old friend, poor fella, can barely remember the lines, much less understand them. Don't believe me, ask him to improvise the emotions in the subtext of his character, see what 4-letter word he will give you. When Gavin told me he had cast me as Max for the production, I heard Sam, and had started memorising Sam's scenes and lines for a couple of weeks before I realised my mistake - after all, Patrick Teoh you know, who am I, he supernova, I only a passing asteroid. Then Gavin told me the audience wouldn't believe that I was stupid and slow, like a slug ... see what I told you about Gavin being perceptive.

More family portraits to follow.


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