Thursday, March 23, 2006
Lost Generation

I despair over the youth of this country. They are becoming anodyned, deodorised wimps, scared of their own bodies (in the case of my daughter-in-law, Ruth Jia-Wei, scared even of a shadow). Every bit of immorality I have taught them has amounted to nothing.

What has prompted my despair and frustration? In particular, my second son, Lenny U-En, and my daughter-in-law, Ruth.

Last night, we had the first of two dress-rehearsals. Instead of worrying about his head-drooping performance or taking comfort in a good dress-rehearsal, Lenny was moaning and groaning about the fact that he had to play the whole of Act One in his boxer shorts. He was embarrassed, he said. With those legs of his, he should be, but that does not mean he has to be coy. If you have been reading his previous blogs, you will have gotten the impression that Lenny is a cocky loudmouth. Now we know - all talk, no cock. A limp pimp. And he dares call me sexless in the play.

As for Ruth - I have commented previously on her giggly cover-up of her belly-button. Those of you fortunate to have caught Ben's posting yesterday of pix of the cast would have seen intriguing shadows in Jia-Wei's cleavage. Ha, I thought, finally, a daughter-in-law who is living up to her promise of being a quality slut. Today, that pix has been removed and replaced by a simpering cliche that wouldn't look out of place in the display-window of some third-rate photo-studio.

And they want to become performers and actors! Ignorant of a rich centuries-old heritage of actors all over the world associated with red lights, opium, prostitution and being compelled to set up stall outside city walls. No sense, no feel for tradition. With that kind of cosseted, closeted, covered-up attitude, and they still want to be seen by the public, may I suggest they go take part in National Day parades.


At 23/3/06 15:21, Blogger Ben Tan said...

I believe my wife 'The Tease' is getting into character. Yesterday you see it, today you don't! As for Lenny, it's more like All talk, Small Cock!


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