Thursday, March 02, 2006
More Family Portraits

After I made my first posting, my brother Sam-Pat Teoh has come out, flitting here, sighing there. It makes my skin creep.

My eldest son Ted-Ben Tan is a worry. I sense trouble in his marriage. I have eaves-dropped on him and his wife Ruth and they spend hours talking the most inane, mundane things about sleeping, not sleeping, you sleep first, no you sleep first. The ennui of existential man and woman, Lenny calls it. I don't know what the fuck that is. It just sounds lifeless. I wonder if Teddy's gay too?

My second son, Lenny U-En, thinks he's taking over. He thinks he's tough enough to lead the family. I'm not intimidated. Take a knife and slash that pretty-boy cheek of his and you won't find a street-tough underneath, but more wimpy weepy pretty-boy. He turns pink at a sip of beer. He's so scared of me he has hidden the scissors well. Let me find those scissors and I'll have his dangly bits turned into dog-food and fed to him. He wouldn't need them anyway. Beating up women - he's up for that. But ask him to take a woman - and he turns into a voyeur. Just like his uncle Sam.

My youngest, Joey-Ian Cheang, is training to be a boxer. He trains very hard. Always comes back very late to join the family. But he doesn't know how to box. I slap him, punch him, and he has no reply. Behaves like he knows what to do with women, but he doesn't. He's still a mama's boy, looking for a tit to suck on, not titillate.

I don't know what I did in my previous life to deserve such a family.


At 3/3/06 10:39, Blogger U-En said...

Pfah. Daft old prat. Drink you under the table any day you lousy stinking cast-iron bunch of crap.

Just because you carry a stick you think you're the alpha-male hero. Feeble wheezing coughing groin-grabbing buggering pederast.

Ha! Sevety-plus olg bugger like you chasing after a woman young enough to be your granddaughter. What's the matter huh? Couldn't get no satisfaction when Mum was alive? Couldn't get no gravy?

Your time will come you geriatric fart. And when it comes be assured I shall be there. Smiling. Pissing. On your lousy filthy stinking grave.

At 3/3/06 13:48, Blogger Gavin said...

feel the love.....


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