Saturday, February 04, 2006
Come home. If you dare.

Thor Kah Hoong is Max........... "You leave it to others? What others? You paralysed prat!"

Patrick Teoh is Sam....................... "Never get a bride like you had, anyway. Nothing like your bride ... going about these days. Like Jessie."

U-En is Lenny................ "There's no need for us to go to all this expense. I know these women. Once they get started they ruin your budget."

Jia-Wei is Ruth ................. "You would have to regard your original outlay simply as capital investment."

Send a postcard to the folks back home.


At 5/2/06 15:51, Blogger cheng sim said...

think i gonna persuade my dad to bring me to watch The Homecoming because i loved Patrick Teoh's last performance in Julius Caeser!

r u going to make this as ur personal blog as well? like Afdlin Shauki's and Patrick Teoh's?

At 6/2/06 11:53, Blogger Gavin said...

probably not. at the moment, the idea is just to keep it as a production blog for the play. but you never know.......never say never, right?

btw, patrick is gonna kick ass in this play. he's playing a very different role than the one he did in caesar, and so far he's doing great.

take care, and thanks for the comment. gavin.

At 6/2/06 16:32, Anonymous weisan said...

hey gavin,
great idea-la! i love the behind-the-scenes concept :) But.....can make the words bigger ah? also, what can I say, I’m a very visual person.... more pictures! Overall...i like :) o yea, any way you can put the postcard as the first visual ppl see? It’s great. Love the shoes (and legs) ;)

At 6/2/06 17:54, Blogger Gavin said...

thanks for the tip wei san, they'll be more pics very soon.

thanks for noticing the legs....i was busting my ass in the gym for weeks getting them ready for that photo shoot. yeah that's right, they're my legs....wanted to use jia-wei's but she's got all kinds of shit on her legs, scars, fungi, lesions and shit like that......just kidding. she's got great legs ....not that i look or anything.

anyway, thanks.

At 7/2/06 14:38, Anonymous weisan said...

oh honey, it is almost a universal rule of law that a pair of red hot heels* will sexi-fy one's calf...

Of course, I don't know if it applies to you la...hmm, I wonder if Patrick Teoh has a shot of you in red heels. (I mean he's got you half naked, what's a pair of red heels?) You know, for scientific comparison purposes ;)

*note : i'm presuming the shoes went with the red dress :)

At 7/2/06 17:34, Blogger patrickteoh said...

Sorry Wei San, my fault. Forgot about the back of the postcard and hardly saw it was a leg much less Gavin's. Does look nice. Hmmmm...oh Gavin come f...oh never mind. Time for that later. Isn't your favorite shoe color pink?


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