Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Friday's rehearsal

Hey there all, Gavin here again. What do you guys think of the new lay out? Pretty cool huh? Big thanks to midnite lily for sorting it out for us. You're a queen, a goddam princess!

Anyway, Jia-Wei posted some pictures from last Friday's rehearsal so I thought I'd talk a little about that. How I've gone about the rehearsal schedule is I've basically split everything up into different sections, according to the entrances and exits of the characters. So for Wednesday's rehearsal, I just focused on the first 5 pages which involves the characters Max(Thor) and Lenny(U-En). Then on Thursday, we started from the middle of page 5 starting from when Sam(Patrick) enters, carrying on until page 11 when Joey(Ian) comes in, which we continued with on Friday when these pictures were taken.

The reason for splitting it up like this, is mainly for blocking (which is a fancy way of saying 'where the actors should stand, sit, walk, where they walk and on what line, etc...). Once the play is blocked, we'll start to combine the different sections and run it together and see if it flows. If it does, we carry on. If it doesn't, we try to figure out what the problems are so we can fix them.

Friday was very fun. It was Ian's first day so he was an excitable little bunny. Patrick was sick so I had to sit in for him, which pissed off Thor cos on this particular rehearsal, we were scheduled to rehearse a scene where Thor's character really rips in to Patrick. Seeing as Patrick wasn't there, he had to settle on me. I would've thought he'd love getting to spit out a few abusive lines at his director.....I know I would. But he kept going on...."Not the same la, I wish the old bahger was here so I could give it to him nicely...." (or words to that effect)

Ian and Thor share a very cool exchange together in this scene, which basically consists of Max giving Joey tips on how to be a good boxer, but not necessarily in a most loving of ways. Once they get their lines down and start adding more dimensions to their characters, its gonna be a great little scene.

That's all for now. Take care.


At 8/2/06 12:05, Blogger Isma Yusoof said...

wow...suddenly the site looks very very nice...cool...

At 8/2/06 16:34, Blogger cheng sim said...

hahaha =)
wah Midnite lily did this?
i know Midnite Lily!
i know Midnite Lily!

At 8/2/06 16:47, Blogger Nri2 said...

this blog is indeed becoming more impressive. and i have faith that the show would be much more. good luck to all cast and crew, will definitely be keeping an eye to the progress. and yes, keep on having fun! *smile*

At 14/2/06 17:05, Blogger Isma Yusoof said...

This photo was omitted in the original post because Isma's software programme for erasing wrinkles crashed. Sorry, Thor. <----Ya...sorry Thor :(


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