Wednesday, March 08, 2006
16 days to go.....

Ooookay.....16 days till opening night.....God, just writing that makes me wanna lose my lunch. Okay, maybe its not that bad but ever since some smartass put that damn countdown on the blog, the cast have started to go apeshit. Even Lim, our lighting designer, has started taunting me with it. I was in the rehearsal studio last night just going through some potential music pieces for the play and the bastard walks in and the first words to come roaring out of his mouth was "Hello Mr Director! So.....17 days! HAHAHAHA!" I told him to go fuck himself but that just made him laugh even louder. Sad how the older you get, the more desensitized you are to the word 'fuck'. Remember back in the old days when you could say 'fuck' and everybody would go "What? What did he say? Useless parents!etc, etc."

Anyway, sorry there hasn't been any new posts lately. We've all been kinda wrapped up with work the last few days. Rehearsals are going well but we're not 'there' yet. But everybody's been having a great time just mixing it up and trying new things, which is probably where this production differs the most from the approach used in 'Double Bill'. With the 'Double Bill', we set the blocking in stone (for the most part) fairly early so the actors would have as much time as possible to get used to it. And also, because both plays were one-acts, we had the luxury of being able to run the whole play every rehearsal, as opposed to The Homecoming that had to split up into sections. So by the time the 'Double Bill' opened, the actors were very comfortable with their movements on stage. Whereas with The Homecoming, yes, I set the blocking pretty early but we've used it more as a foundation within which we have a certain amount of freedom to play with......does that make sense?

A lot of things that happen in the play are pretty messed up. Y'know, things that the characters say and do to each other. Plus the play itself has a strong absurdist streak running through it so we've used that come up with things that you probably wouldn't think to do if we were doing a more straight forward play with a more conventional narrative. Not to say The Homecoming doesn't make sense, it does, but it has its own sense of logic. Its really cool because the play is essentially a naturalistic play but it has a very skewered perception of the world it exists in......Pinter basically created his own weird little reality, not terribly different from ours except for its off-center view of the things in general, and it is here that the characters from The Homecoming reside............ok, now I'm completely talking out of ass.......damn, this always happens when I try to sound intelligent.

That's all for now. I'm just going to go off somewhere and think about what I just said......16 days...........fuck.........hehehe.....16, really? I mean...really?



At 8/3/06 16:20, Blogger Diran Kesuma said...

was bloghoppin. looking forward to the show. all the best!

At 9/3/06 12:21, Blogger michelleho said...

hiya! was also bloghopping from jeff to patrick right up to here... it is just me or the links to the "Recent Diary Postings" are not linkable? What I can see from the status bar ...

file:///C|Documents%20and%20Settings/Zona%20Marie/My%20Documents/blog%20designs/visitor/%203C$BlogItemPermalinkURL$%3E ...

This is my office line... I'll try again from home... Maybe my office line's being dumb today..

Anyway, looking forward to the show...

At 9/3/06 14:44, Anonymous midnite lily said...

tks for pointing that out. will look into it! ^_~


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