Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Rehearsals. Yeah. The most fun of doing any play? Some people think so. I enjoy them. Sometimes. With the right cast. The right director. If it isn't overly 'intellectual'. If I am not required to become an animal that I must associate with the character that I am playing. If I am not required to attain the zenith level of some Zen nirvana. And only if I do not have to make an entrance coming out of an urn full of water. So given all the above rehearsals for The Homecoming has been pretty fun.

Last Sunday the director decided that we should meet after the afternoon rehearsal. A cast meeting I think he called it. Venue? The Bulldog pub. Which caused my wife to comment, "Oh it's a 'rehearsal' is it?"

What Gavin wanted to do was to have each of the 'characters' read the journal which they had been asked to keep for a couple of weeks to each other. Problem was Gavin forgot to print out copies for the actors. U-En and Jia Wei were the only ones who brought copies (Niamah! These young, professional, efficient rookies!). So it was decided that we would also discuss our characters and the relationships within the play.

As the evening progressed (ok I'll admit there was consumption of alochol involved) there appeared to be more of The Homecoming's characters sitting around the table than actors. U-En launched into his journal which sounded really 'deep'. You know what I mean? Multi syllable words and all. Which caused Ben to request, "Eh! Can we have the English version ah?" I think it was Thor who uttered the first "fuck" of the evening and it was directed at U-En. Jia Wei sat rather quietly surveying with knowing eyes. Ian (Joey) was more than an hour late and this time he didn't even apologise. Maybe he was keeping in character. I sat and watched over my pint of Kilkenny and thought, "What a fucked up family this is." Before realising that we were actually just being ourselves. Thor Kah Hoong, U-En Ng, Loo Jia Wei, Ian Cheang, Ben Tan and Patrick Teoh. A piece of brilliant casting or what?

At the end of the evening it was generally agreed that some 'work' had been done for the good of the rehearsal process for The Homecoming. The beer and grub at The Bulldog wasn't bad either.

On another subject, the counter on this blog has passed the 2,000 mark. And we have been accused of visiting the site ourselves too many times which drives the counter up. So please leave a comment la when you visit.

And Gavin, one or two rehearsals have been shit? You manage to keep that under wraps pretty well. Now you've got me wondering which one or two they were. Bastard. Your way of making actors get the 'fear' issit?


At 21/2/06 17:38, Anonymous midnite lily said...

"On another subject, the counter on this blog has passed the 2,000 mark. And we have been accused of visiting the site ourselves too many times which drives the counter up."

accused? walaowei. it was just a pointing out =P but i can tell u that u are getting reasonable amt of visitors frm the advertising. ppl are linking u guys up too. so keep updating! =P
~self-appointed *unpaid* webmistress~

At 21/2/06 18:19, Blogger Gavin said...

are you getting the fear patrick? he...hehe....hehehe....hehehehuahhahahaha!

At 22/2/06 00:15, Blogger commonjack said...

okok. i shall come right out and admit it. i'm one of those 'fellas' who visit the site all the friggin' time (driving up the hit counter)!


Michael C.

At 22/2/06 19:03, Blogger Mel T said...

I've visited the site 3 times in the last week under duress.

'Homecoming' Groupie


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