Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Because Ben Tan wanted it

Ben Tan commented after seeing the photos of Thor, Patrick U-En and Jia Wei and then those taken by the other boy genius, Isma..."Now I think these should be in the blog instead of those unappealing headshots." I hope you're happy now Ben. By the way, the captions were a result of Gavin being hungry for some salad at Chili's and Patrick being himself.

Hi, I'm the leg. Wanna see the rest? Come see The Homecoming. KLPAC, March 25 to April 2, 2006. It will be worth it.

"What are you trying to do? Humiliate me?"

(This photo was omitted in the original post because Isma's software programme for erasing wrinkles crashed. Sorry, Thor.)

Wah you look younger la. Wah you look damn ham sup la. Wah you look damn old la. All I can say Gavin Yap is that this better be worth all the shit I am taking.

The cheek bones are real. What? Well, f*** you!

There's nothing f**king wrong with my hair. Wanna make something of it? Huh? Come on.

I like walks on sandy beaches. The cool sea breeze on my face. A pina colada on one hand and a good Jackie Collins novel in the other. So what the f**k am I doing in Sentul?

Hi. I'm Ben. I'm g..... I mean I am happy. I'm working with a different director. Actually, I'm happy I'm working.


At 8/2/06 18:36, Blogger Ben Tan said...

Ok I'm happy as a lark. Cut it out Gavin.

At 8/2/06 23:34, Blogger U-En said...

Ok Uncle Sam. Can we put Max's picture back? He's not happy. Spat on me just now.

At 9/2/06 01:24, Blogger Mel T said...

Aiyo! You oso kena the blogging addiction ah?

Nice leg and heel pix. You posing for Vincci ah? By the way, why all you flers look so gud one? Photo retouching ah?

Looking forward to this unique play. Got free ticket or not? :-)


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March 24 - April 2nd
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All shows @ 8.30 pm
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RM20 for students, senior citizens and disabled

To buy call KLPac 603-4047 9000; or
The Actors Studio, Bangsar
603-2094 9400

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