Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Ben has taken some fantastic pictures below.

For those of you who, like myself two days ago, have no idea what a tech run is: It's a rehearsal for Lim (Light) and Sky (Sound). For example, the door lights up when someone walks through it. It dies down when they move to the sofa, and the living room lights come up.

Often when we watch a performance we tend to see and think only of the actors. We imagine that their performances are the only ones that matter. But the fact is that without light you wouldn't see anything. Without sound nothing would frame the play, nothing would mark where one thing stops and another begins. A performance without light or sound is not a performance at all. It's darkness and silence. My hat, if I had one, goes off to Lim and Sky.

Last night was also the first time the actors moved around on the set in costume. Naturally, we ran only the parts where there was a light or sound change. There are many of them, which explains why we started at around 7pm and finished around midnight. This was an important experience for me. So far in the rehearsal studio we've been imagining walls and doors (their positions were taped down with masking tape) and I for one have grown accustomed to the dimensions and positions of things as they were in rehearsals. On stage, things are subtly (and fatally) different. I walked through a wall. Ruth (Jia-Wei) tripped on the sofa. The distance from the sofa to Lenny's room is shorter than I remember it, though this might be an illusion apparent only to me.

Also for the first time it has registered on my naive little brain that people we don't know will be watching us behave like lunatics. Normally I'd say this is a grand lark, but right now it's enough to give me the tremors.

Tonight is the first full dress rehearsal.

Oooh. What was I thinking?


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