Sunday, March 26, 2006
What's your say?

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A Comment Sun, Mar 26 2006 01:39:47
I will add a short comment.

The Homecoming is a brilliant production, fueled by script at the adept hands of Mr. Gavin Yap.

And you might say, that is affirmed comments solely because Gavin Yap is my bitch.

Oh. Does that bother you? Does it square with your idea of reality? Is it true?

Enter the world of The Homecoming. The juicy world of Ben Tan, the best he has ever been. My other bitch, Patrich Teoh, in an otherworld role you've never seen before. Together with newbeis who say, in words or actions, there are rules. And rules don't matter.

What controls us? Who controls? Is it us? Or is it otherwise?

Find out. By watching one of the most intriguing productions of any season. My bitches are waiting for your reply.

Your Sincerely,

Kurt Crocker
posted by Kurt Crocker


At 27/3/06 00:14, Anonymous midnite lily said...

u guys are sick! i can't believe i had dinner with you after! =P I posted the photos up guys.

At 30/3/06 00:26, Blogger Albert said...

Hey all, I saw it on Sunday and thought it was cool. Just a question from the back of my head: Where is the family situated? I couldn't place any accents until Joey blurted some lines in Malaysian English.

At 30/3/06 14:11, Blogger Gavin said...

Thanks for coming to see the show Albert, glad you liked it. We made a very conscious decision early on to not set the play anywhere in particular but to keep it very neutral so it could feel like it was taking place anywhere. it could be happening in another country or it could be happening next door. Personally I don't agree with Malaysianizing plays. I think a good play is a good play no matter what country it plays in. But I wanted the cast to speak in their natural voice and as my cast is Malaysian, you're bound to hear a variety of different Malaysian accents, cos let's face it - no two Malaysians sound the same. Thanks again for coming.

At 30/3/06 15:09, Blogger cheng sim said...

i've watched The Homecoming last Tue night. can't believe i actually went to KLPac on a school night! then again, i was surprised that the play has a mature content because my 10 year old brother planned to come at first but turned the tix down in the end. maybe im just not familiar with Harold Pinter's work. thats why i was surprised. i even told my dad it was a "a happy family" play.

although i was wrong but i love the play. it was funny and serious in the same time. never knew Harold Pinter's work has a dash of humour in it or was it Gavin who did a good job? i rmbr the time when the Malay International school students who came, covered their blushed-up faces when Joey pulled his pants down. seeing them make me laughed!

i wanna send my love and kisses to Thor Kah Hoong and U-En! i think they're briliant! everytime when Thor and U-En came in the picture, i quickly sat at the edge of my seat. i secretly wish Thor was my grandfather- not! hehehe.

sadly, i wish Patrick Teoh has more lines in the play. im a fan of Patrick Teoh. Jia-Wei is a midnight seductress! heard it was her stage debut. she did a good job although i think she could really work on her facial expressions more. Joey has a funny accent. i dunno why his accent is 'so Msian' from the rest (i've read the previous reply for Albert).

entirely, it was one of the many play i would watched more than once. i love every bit of it. this time, i don't yawned that much compare to the Julius Caeser play.

p/s: muahaha. im TALLER than Gavin and im not wearing heels. hehehe. how old are you? aren't you a little too old for using a green sling bag filled with mini badges? just asking. since you passed me by 6 times!

At 30/3/06 15:51, Blogger thor said...

Cheng Sim,

Gavin passed by you six times (good of you to keep count; treasure them; every moment in Gavin's whirlwind wake is an eternity) and he didn't notice you? Must talk to the boy. His antenna is wonky.

Don't worry about being taller than him. 99.99 per cent of the world is taller than him. besides, I know he likes tall women.

As for that dirty, filthy green bag with badges, didn't you know? Gavin is a leprechaun.

At 30/3/06 19:06, Blogger Gavin said...

Cheng Sim,

I carry a sling bag do I put this....because I need it to carry certain items that might not be able to fit in my pocket. And I have lots of badges because (and as you get older, you'll understand this) I'm desperately attempting to cling to my youth.

So glad you enjoyed the show. I apologize for not acknowledging you. Next time, say hello la....I'm very blur one.

At 30/3/06 23:37, Blogger Ben Tan said...

dear oh dear...

At 31/3/06 09:00, Blogger U-En said...

Actually, Cheng Sim, I've never seen Gavin take anything out of that bag.

At 5/4/06 18:34, Anonymous jade said...

Actually everything he carries is actually in his pockets and the bag is ...well, just to put the badges, I reckon.


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