Friday, April 07, 2006
Bloggers meet

I see we have generated over 8000 clicks now. What say you we organise a get together with the bloggers? Or am I being presumptous? Let's all meet at Bulldog (Sri Hartamas).



At 7/4/06 16:00, Blogger patrickteoh said...

As I remember, Ben you were charged with organising events like what you suggested. So do it lor. I will come:-)

At 7/4/06 16:28, Blogger Ben Tan said...

We'll see if there are any takers from the bloggers. We can meet anytime, I am free as hell and U-En is getting suicidal judging from his postings. Wonder if Mr Yap has burnt us the DVDs.

At 7/4/06 18:27, Blogger patrickteoh said...

Yes, Ben go ahead and organise it. That too will prove to be not so easy to get everybody available on the same date. I'll be away from tomorrow until next Tuesday. I've got an ICT show Saturday week.

Burnt us the DVD's??? You obviously don't know the boy very well:-)

At 7/4/06 18:41, Blogger U-En said...

Suicidal? Don't have! Homicidal? Got!

Aiya, Ben, where got Gavin burn DVD for us wan? Expect him to bring diary entries also didn't do... remember?

Next Friday la, unless I have contract hit. Start early. Around 3pm? You buggers turn up whenever you want la. I'll probably be spastic by the time you get there anyway.

At 7/4/06 20:16, Blogger Ben Tan said...

Friday good for me. Anyone else?

At 8/4/06 04:28, Blogger suanie said...

Friday 3 pm? Most bloggers have day time jobs leh!

At 8/4/06 10:21, Blogger Gavin said...

i'll be going to penang on thursday and back on saturday afternoon. saturday night or sunday in the day perhaps?

At 8/4/06 10:48, Blogger Peter said...

Would love to attend but Sri Hartamas is like the other end of the world to me even if I am in Kuala Lumpur.

At 8/4/06 11:36, Anonymous Jayelle said...

is there a dvd of the play that i can buy from you guys?:(

At 8/4/06 16:04, Blogger Ben Tan said...


It is in between PJ and KL so it's fair on everyone. It is also where we've been hanging out since The Homecoming rehearsals started.

Sunday because most people don't work. The food is also not bad (except Toad in the Hole). But let it be known now that this is not hosted by anyone, Everyone pays for their own. Ask for separate bills to avoid confusion. Gavin, you can prove Patrick wrong by bringing the DVDs!!!

Bulldog is an English pub adjacent to the Petronas petrol station. Next to an auto shop along the shophouses facing Petronas.

PS. Review in NST today:

At 8/4/06 16:13, Anonymous ShaolinTiger said... Dare I show my face..

For those who prefer to click, here is the NST Review.

I live like 10 mins from Hartamas so shouldn't be a problem..

At 8/4/06 18:26, Blogger Kimberlycun said...

i'm on!

At 9/4/06 14:26, Anonymous fireangel said...

Oh yes! awesome! I wanna come and touch everybody!

At 10/4/06 02:32, Blogger Peter said...

I will still be in Penang. You guys have fun. :D

At 10/4/06 14:31, Blogger Ms Teh said...

Alamak, when is next round? I am only back the followin weekend :(

Anyway, enjoy urselves!!!

At 11/4/06 08:39, Blogger suanie said...

Is the Petronas nearer to Plaza Damas or in the square? Coz I only remember a Project there?

At 11/4/06 09:12, Blogger U-En said...

No, Petronas is in the opposite direction. At the T-junction (if you are coming across from Desa Sri Hartamas), turn right. (You'd normally turn left to Damas, right?) Then go up to the first block of shophouses. Petronas is on the next corner. Bulldog faces Petronas. It's on the same block as Saffron.

At 12/4/06 01:52, Anonymous pinkpau said...

would love to come :) looking forward to it!


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