Wednesday, February 08, 2006
Loony Lenny

Hello. I am U-En. I play the useless psychotic git Lenny. I have never acted before (that is, besides the usual amount of outright lying I have to do to get through the day without being killed), and Gavin says that he "saw Lenny" in me, so that makes me a useless psychotic git too. And I'm proud to be one.

The Homecoming is not the play I would have chosen to make a stage debut. I would not have chosen to make a stage debut at all; but if I did, I would have preferred something simpler like Romeo & Juliet, in which I would play an extra Montague, maybe, or anyone who gets skewered early without ever saying a word.

Gavin doesn't tell the true story of his part in my downfall. It all began in a certain pub in KL. It was a dark and stormy night. A terrible wind blew, carrying with it the foul voices of the damned, the insane, and an Indian fellow talking on his mobile phone. Lightning rent the dark night and a demented thunder ravaged across the slimy black skies blah blah blah you get the picture.

Inside said pub, Gavin had been rattling on about something for an hour. I was a little tipsy and had stopped paying attention, so I strung a random sentence together to distract him. I don't recall exactly what that sentence was, except that it contained the words "baby", "head", "nail" and "wall". I can't remember the exact order of these words either, nor which was the verb, which is why the police haven't come yet.

Anyway, Gavin stopped talking immediately and an odd look spread across his face--a kind of wide-eyed giggling frown. If you've met this bugger before, you'll know what that look is. It gets normal people locked up in padded cells.

Gavin: "Lenny".
Me: Huh?
Gavin: "Lenny".
Me: My name is not Lenny, you idiot.
Gavin: Eh, can do me a favour or not?

The next thing I knew was that I agreed to read the script for him (in another pub, on another dark and stormy night, etc) so I must have been either a) out of my damned mind, or b) somewhat tipsier than I imagined.

The answer is neither of these, but it is not a very interesting story. Anyway, I am quite sleepy.


Homecoming Housekeeping:

1. We should now be able to post under our own names.

2. Max is alive. I have seen him.


At 9/2/06 03:36, Blogger su ann said...

haha, i love your version of the true story. looking forward to seeing you play lenny! more blogs, please :D

At 9/2/06 17:32, Blogger Gavin said...

have to agree with you su ann, u-en's version is infinitely more interesting and on the money. man, i have must have been really wasted that night....let that be a heads up to all of you who bitch there's no way into the arts scene. here's what you do....catch me when i'm wasted, corner me, ask for an audition. there. worked for this guy.:)


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