Sunday, April 16, 2006
Cast and Bloggers meet...

The cast and the bloggers finally met this afternoon at 4pm in the midst of a KL storm. A good time was had by all and the bloggers got to see the 'real' sides of the characters they saw on stage. Well, except for Lenny of course. Unfortunately some bloggers didn't show up. Patrick was the first representative to arrive and proceeded to answer some questions apropos The Homecoming...

So that's what you fuckers thought of the play, eh?

Ruth and Joey have finally gone the whole hog...

and upon returning from Brokeback Mountain, Teddy and Ruth have become 'sisters'.

Fireangel finally got her wish but...

unfortunately Gavin is no longer that way inclined.

The family, as themselves, shamelessly posed for a photo.

TV Smith proposed to Suanie with some free chocolates from Bulldog while Paul (Tragic Kingdom) found it all quite tragic.

Su Ann (Pinkpau) was trying very hard to get into the play by arranging for some new biz for Ruth...

as the pimp had gone completely mad.

Ian was showing off his Linda Lovelace impersonation but Ben was thinking 'Been there, done that'.

Zona (Midnite Lily) kept her spirits up...

while Thor tried his best to stay awake by chain-smoking.


At 17/4/06 01:09, Blogger suanie said...

I <3 U-En

At 17/4/06 01:15, Anonymous Paul Tan said...

I <3 Alcohol

At 17/4/06 09:03, Anonymous FireAngel said...

I no <3 my stupid short hair.

Lenny was SO in character, pimping out his mates to me and all that. I'll let the rest of you to chew on his brains now.

... and It's Ee Laine you limp dick.

At 17/4/06 12:26, Blogger Kimberlycun said...

sorry :(

guess i must have read 4pm, but "hartamas and 4pm" didn't register with me. damn.

At 17/4/06 16:02, Anonymous FireAngel said...

Oh, btw, I have pictures! If anybody wants it I'm at aphroditus(at)gmail(dot)com. Cheers!

At 17/4/06 17:28, Anonymous midnite lily said...

send 2 me pls.. tks
zona.marie( at ) gmail(dot)com

At 18/4/06 04:10, Blogger Ben Tan said...

Oh pardon my bad English, I always thought Elaine was spelt E L A I N E. My apologies, Ee Laine, if that is your Chinese name. I was also unaware that one is expected to know. But is it really necessary to be abusive?

At 18/4/06 09:00, Anonymous FireAngel said...

*sniff* I'm sorry ma. I won't ever, EVER be bad again. Will you ever find it in your generous heart to forgive me? Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? You could always be abusive back... :(

At 18/4/06 10:40, Blogger Paul Tan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 18/4/06 13:32, Blogger Ben Tan said...

No worries :-)

At 19/4/06 18:04, Blogger suanie said...

Some photos here.

At 23/4/06 00:47, Blogger Dabido said...

Nice meet up. I'm growing more afraid of Ee Laine and her abuse by the day! :-)

At 18/6/06 08:10, Anonymous Jenn said...



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