Saturday, February 11, 2006
Look, we have furniture

Hello. This is U-En. Yesterday (Feb 10) we rehearsed in Bangsar due to road closures in and around KL for Thaipusam. We'll be there again tonight. Many thanks to Ti-Ratana Community Centre, Bangsar, for their kind hospitality and to Patrick for making the arrangements.

Here are pix from yesterday's rehearsal. Patrick has some more, but I expect that the ones I took on his phone are even crappier than these. So sorry.

Thor tells the story of how he had a customer in his shop.

Like stout Cortez, Gavin with eagle eyes stares at... Ben, and Jia-Wei pretends to be elsewhere

See, I told you the old geezer was alive. And not happy.

Patrick: Baarger baarger baarger. Old geezer still alive.
Ian contemplates his manicure
Jia-Wei contemplates Gavin's confusion
Thor: Actually, there were TWO customers in the shop today.

Gavin tries to impress Ben by reciting Pi to 5,432 decimal places. Ben is not impressed. Thor tries to remember if two customers are more than one.

Lina wonders what's for dinner again. No, not again. Still.


At 11/2/06 15:07, Anonymous Catwoman said...

Congratulations Gavin on another one. To Ben, Patrick & Thor - I'll definitely catch this one!! And to the rest of the cast, have fun!!!
Gav - when you come across something that has a bit of a challenge for me - I know a great bar to get trollied in!! XXX


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