Thursday, February 16, 2006
a guy thing...

No funny captions, just some nice shots of the boys taken by Lina. Slut wife not needed tonight. Yes, we actually do rehearse the play...


At 16/2/06 02:04, Blogger U-En said...

That was fast. Lina vy handy with the camera no? Nice work

At 16/2/06 02:05, Blogger U-En said...

And I look like a supercilious git... which I am. Funny, that.

At 16/2/06 02:47, Blogger Ben Tan said...

U-En, I think we should get a life. No I don't mean together.

At 16/2/06 10:26, Blogger Jia-Wei said...

what a bunch of miscreants...

At 16/2/06 12:59, Blogger patrickteoh said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 16/2/06 13:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi guys. It's actually me, Patrick. I thought I would post as anonymous just so people won't think that we are the only ones posting stuff here. Fuck! So what if they do.

At 16/2/06 21:49, Blogger ducky said...

6 pictutes of funny ppl with no fuuny caption,
lets try this.
(from top left to right then down)

1. its not my fault
2. you say that again !
3. niamah !
4. jangan cari masalah
5. (must pretend to be cool)
6. today valentine day ah?

At 17/2/06 00:51, Blogger commonjack said...

so what happened to the 'visit this site and leave a comment a lot and you get to see gavin naked' competition patrick told me about? try spreading that around to get other people to leave comments...hahah...

michael c.

At 17/2/06 01:40, Blogger U-En said...

Gavin took his shirt off in the pub last night while attempting to cozen a young woman with sweet words.

I think the competition ought to be: Comment a lot and you *won't* see Gavin naked.

Sorry Ben.

At 17/2/06 03:15, Blogger Ben Tan said...

Up yours, U-En. Hullooo?

At 17/2/06 10:26, Blogger Gavin said...

hey guys.....just wanted ask you.....what's the date you guys need to be offbook by? do you remember? get offline and start sloggin!! hahahahahaha!!!!

At 17/2/06 12:39, Blogger patrickteoh said...

Hi dilletante. You got the equation wrong a bit la. Nobody has actually posted anything even remotely resembling a request to see Gavin's naked bod. So don't have lor. Still got time.

Aiyoh, Ben Tan so garang for what? And Gavin that attempt at being funny failed. Miserably.

At 17/2/06 12:44, Blogger Nri2 said...

So...what EXACTLY IS the requirement to see Gavin naked? *wink*

At 17/2/06 12:55, Blogger patrickteoh said...

Nri2, requirement? Eyes would be good I guess. And a strong stomach.

At 17/2/06 13:08, Blogger Nri2 said...

*laugh* Eyes, I have. Least, last i checked. And due to my chinese heritage, i assume i have a strong stomach. Yet to be tested.

...but what would one have to do?

At 17/2/06 13:15, Blogger patrickteoh said...'re the first one who's really interested. We count the requests and if Gavin says he is happy with the number he will take his clothes off. Remember now you asked for this and we are not responsible for the consequences.

At 17/2/06 13:55, Blogger commonjack said...

wah got the 1st request already...the ball has started rollin'...

At 17/2/06 14:39, Blogger Ben Tan said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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